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It's time for something different

We are a passionate global training and consulting company that brings an entirely new approach to benefit employee performance and company results.

As your training and development partner, we will bring you high-quality programs geared towards mental well-being, effectiveness, stability, and productivity. 

With the inevitable changes that the businesses are forced to adopt post-pandemic, we will help you build a flexible and stable workforce who are invested in the company’s vision.


"When you continuously invest in awareness, your life will not only be fulfilling but you will have immense contentment each moment"



Our vision

Transforming people in businesses to help them become stable, capable, highly efficient, optimally productive, peaceful, and deeply contented regardless of their situations.

Transforming business to the point where they can accept and respect employees’ uniqueness so as to empower them to become stronger individuals and or high-performing teams who achieve sustained great results with clarity.

The Team

Our outstanding team are determined to help you succeed. Every client situation is unique, and we are committed to providing the right solution for your objectives and teams. 


We are global with a large family of experts and advisors. They have held or still hold senior business positions within various-sized organizations and industries. 


Our team members love what they do because they have experienced the transformation these programs bring to their own lives. 

Read more about our core team members through their stories below. If you’d like to set up an introductory meeting, get in touch with us today!


Christopher Greenwood


Christopher spent 15 successful years as a business consultant leading large scale transformation programs in the tech, telecom and blockchain industries. He experienced the pressure of tight deadlines and hostile working environments every day. After seeing the effects of stress on his team and many others he left his career to bring forward the teachings he had found transformative in his own life. 


Preethi Gopalarathnam

Program Director

Preethi is a Corporate Trainer and a Health and Wellbeing Coach. Preethi’s journey into training and wellness began years ago when she quit her career as a consultant with an international consulting firm to spend time with her family. She used this time to research and work on the one thing she thought that matters the most, Herself. Having read different books on spiritual masters, she had always felt a strong inclination towards means of integrating spiritual progress with every day corporate life. The break from a hectic career allowed her time to learn yoga, meditation, breath-work and introspect. She also learnt various health and wellness modalities like the Journey Method, Energy Work, NLP, Emotional Release Processes etc. Her personal transformation thus brought her to appreciate the value of mental health and stability in overall wellbeing. 


Sanja Banjanac


Sanja brings an extensive background in training and development to the team. An entrepreneur by nature, Sanja is always looking at ways to expand and innovate our programs for clients. Her deep personal journey brings authenticity to her training and facilitation. 


Aditi Sahai


Aditi has always looked to create value and connect her purpose with her work. With a bachelor's degree in Law, she began her career in the legal field. However, after she realized that the purpose of any business was not only to provide services to the people but also to look after those providing these services, she desired to be part of something that would drive her and further this realization in all businesses. Her ardent desire to find a single skill that could help build people's character, improve their working habits and uplift their morale led her to find her home at Invest in Awareness.

Kalpana is an accredited Yoga Therapist and Continuing Education provider with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and Yoga Alliance USA, since 2016.  Her own journey of being trained and then teaching was transformative and led her to believe and understand that at the core no one is broken, and that we are all holistic beings. The experience of conducting yoga sessions for people affected by Parkinson’s Disease was a revelation, bringing in humility and accepting the quality of being human, its propensities and its ability to explore. One of the key factors that Kalpana focuses on is ‘awareness’ through her yoga certification training sessions, her one-on-one yoga therapy sessions, and as a mind/body Health coach and counselor, an integral part of being a healer. Her faith in the Yogic philosophy has added richness and a deeper meaning to her existence which she loves to share with those who cross her path.

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Dr. Kalpana Mewara

Wellness Director


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Invest in awareness (IIA) is a global training and consulting company that brings an entirely new approach to employee wellness and performance

Founded by Mohanji 

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