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Our approach

We guide people to a deeper understanding of themselves through practical frameworks that increase clarity, improve decision-making, and teamwork as people also understand others much better. 


Through higher awareness of oneself and others, people equip themselves with a new and revitalised understanding of their life. Moment to moment contentment becomes a focus, which brings immunity to the stress & anxieties of ever-changing and unpredictable life situations. 

As people transform, businesses also transform. 

What we offer

We have multiple programs options and combinations which we customise to suit your time requirements ranging from short workshops to longer transformational partnerships. 

“Being You” our signature program, backed with the latest research and practical tools, helps bring a shift in your employees' awareness and invokes an inherent sense of empowerment in their lives.

Here are some of the topics we are passionate about:

  • Increasing productivity and effectiveness

  • Time management

  • Building communication and relationships

  • Enhancing leadership skills

  • Developing effective teamwork

  • Managing Stress

  • Finding your purpose

  • Recognise your self worth

  • Psychological Safety 

Training Programs

We have a range of training programs that vary in length and intensity. Our signature program is a 6-week immersive course designed at reinvention in work and personal life.  Each training is expertly guided and led by trained and experienced facilitators and the combination of exercises, contemplation and practical application in day-to-day life brings success.

These programs are suitable from C-Level Executives to Team Leaders. 

The core objectives of our training:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and others 

  • Empowered and strong individuals, refreshed team spirit 

  • Better emotional and mental resilience  

  • Rejuvenated and refreshed attitude towards, work,  

  • family and personal life 

  • Mind opening for critical patterns, programs and  

  • limiting beliefs  

  • Increased productivity by shedding guilts and regrets  

  • Deeper alignment with the company’s vision, mission and values

Keyboard and Mouse


We offer a selection and combination of 2-hour focused workshops which touch on some of the most pressing topics and challenges for businesses, C-level executives and business leaders. 

These are designed to leave people with a new awareness and understanding that improves their personal and professional performance. 

Our signature workshops include:

  • Small steps, big success

  • The Art of Acceptance 

  • No postponement, no delay, it's NOW

  • The power of choice 

  • T.E.A.M - Together everyone achieves more 

  • Developing effective personalities 

  • Purpose over people 

  • Culture of psychological safety


Our expert and experienced trainers can provide individuals and teams with tailored coaching services designed to draw the best from inviduals. We take people to their strengths and strip back all the limiting factors which hold back their full potential. 

Yoga Practice


Our team is trained in traditional methods of yoga, breathing techniques and guided meditation.

We have exclusive partnerships with leading yoga academies and institutes that provide meditation and wellness methods along with natural healing and holistic treatments.

We would be delighted to provide a bespoke package to fit you and your team's needs and

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Invest in awareness (IIA) is a global training and consulting company that brings an entirely new approach to employee wellness and performance

Founded by Mohanji 

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