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Training programs for personal effectiveness and wellbeing.

Invest in your team's awareness and bring flexibility, strength, and stability to handle life's ever-changing situations.

Our training programs deliver to you a radical approach to employee wellbeing, performance and happiness.

We view life as an integrated whole where each part affects the other.

Work affects personal life and personal life affects work.

Our programs transform people through higher awareness to create lasting transformation rather than 'band-aid' surface solutions. It is our belief that when people are content, they are more proactive and self-inspired which translates to optimal productivity and harmony within any business.

Invest in your team - Integrated wellbeing solutions


From weekend intensives to multi-week programs including our signature program "Being You".


We provide focused 2 hour workshops on major topics such psychological safety and beating procrastination. 


Individual and group coaching on all matters relating to personal effectiveness in work and personal life. 


Traditional practices to bring wellbeing to the workplaces such as mediation, yoga and nutrition.

"People stay where they are cared for." 

“Your consistent contentment factor is your success factor.” - Mohanji



Regus, Finland

We enjoyed your program on Motivation. We found it extremely inspirational. It has been great working with Invest in Awareness

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We are quite happy with Invest in Awareness 's signature program. We especially liked the practicality and real life connection of the course content and how the trainers were able to connect the course to examples from their own corporate life


We thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie and wellness exercises with the team. The program sends a really important message to each and everyone of us that it is important to value the need to develop various modes of awareness so that we can maintain balance in our daily life.

Lokyata, USA


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Invest in awareness (IIA) is a global training and consulting company that brings an entirely new approach to employee wellness and performance

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Founded by Mohanji 

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